Where do your donations go?

So far, as of the 1st of April 2021, all donations made to UppFutures have been exclusively used to pay for tailoring fees and the fabric which we use to make the uniforms. We buy the fabrics locally and hire tailors and seamstresses in Tamale to make the uniforms.

As of now, UppFutures does not use any funding from your donations to pay for administrative or marketing fees either.

Below you can see a breakdown of the costs of a usual uniform order. In this case, it was a total of 60 uniforms: 30 for boys and another 30 for girls for the Prince & Princess Academy Project.

Relative to Ghanaian prices, a donation in the UK of just £10 can pay for a child’s tailored uniform in their own school colours. In Ghana, education is free and provided by the government, which means that, at times, the lack of a uniform can be the only thing stopping a child from receiving an education.

Will you join UppFutures in removing such obstacles?

In previous articles we explain how important supporting the local economy is to us.

Accessible education does not just mean funding uniforms, it means a sustainably growing economy that has enough capacity to support children attending school and to supply them with consistent funding.

In the pictures, our tailor, Mohammed Saani Rabiu, and the seamstress, Lamnatu Alhassan work their magic in the sewing of the 60 uniforms for the Prince & Princess Academy.

Mohammed tailoring the boys uniforms.
Lamnatu preparing the material for a girls uniform.

This is our commitment to you as a donor, that UppFutures is much more than just uniforms. Every pound which you donate to us is, therefore, going to financially empower the Ghanaian community of Tamale. All whilst ensuring that a lack of uniform will never be the obstacle between a child and their education.

Pic: The material being prepared for tailoring, & the final uniforms ready to be distributed.

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