About Us

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Martina whilst volunteering in Ghana


UppFutures was founded in 2020 by Martina Östling and Matt Webb, who first met whilst volunteering in Ghana. Whilst they appreciated the hard work other foundations and charities are doing in the country, it was felt more could be done to help provide uniforms for children, something so small but could have a big impact.

Upp = Uppsala, the city in Sweden where Martina was raised and to symbolise the direction we want to help take the standards of education in Ghana. It is also a derivative of the Swedish word uppfostran which means both education and nurture. Futures = giving the next generation a chance of a better, brighter future.

Our Partners

UppFutures supports the Prince & Princess Academy Project in Tamale, Ghana. This project is led by Prince Sisu and Gaf (both pictured.

The money we are raising at UppFutures is being used to pay for the school uniforms at the Academy

You can read more about our fantastic partners through on their website:

We have also written an article on our partnership and their project:

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