What is the point of UppFutures?

“The aim of a charity should always be to reach a point where we are not needed anymore”- Matt Webb, Founder of UppFutures This is what UppFutures is all about. We work together with the local economy in Ghana, supporting projects so that these can become self-sufficient, sustainable and durable. At the moment, 100% ofContinue reading “What is the point of UppFutures?”

Fighting Child Slavery Through Ethical Chocolate

It’s estimated that around 2 million children in Ghana and Ivory Coast are involved in dangerous labour processes for the production of cocoa. This problem is particularly rife in agricultural areas of the countries where the number has increased to 44% of children (2019) from 31% in 2009. This is despite the cost of cocoaContinue reading “Fighting Child Slavery Through Ethical Chocolate”