World Chocolate Day: Sweet sustainability

Today is World Chocolate Day, an annual celebration of chocolate happening across the globe. While in Ghana Chocolate day is on the 14th February we have to remember that the chocolate industry is truly international, and the worlds cocoa commerce habits have a direct impact on local Ghanaian cocoa workers. Cocoa production has been theContinue reading “World Chocolate Day: Sweet sustainability”

Pride Month: Ghana’s emerging LGBTQ+ movement

This month is Pride Month, a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. Pride month offers an opportunity to raise awareness around the current issues, to peacefully protest and to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. In Ghana the LGBTQ+ community face legal and societal challenges which their non-LGBT counterparts do not face. By law, section 104 (1) (b)Continue reading “Pride Month: Ghana’s emerging LGBTQ+ movement”

How can world hunger be tackled? A study from Ghana

Hunger is the issue that we usually think about first when tackling poverty. These issues are deeply interlinked and have a lot to do with women and girls’ rights, income opportunities, health, climate change and, of course, education. The end of hunger and poverty is possible when people have the necessary means and when solutionsContinue reading “How can world hunger be tackled? A study from Ghana”

Meet Our Partners: The Prince & Princess Academy

Our partners, the Prince and Princess Academy is an educational project in Tamale, Ghana. Their aim is to provide education that is affordable to lower-class constituents, who may otherwise be unable to send their children to school. Currently, they are working on their vision to build some more classrooms and current contributions made directly toContinue reading “Meet Our Partners: The Prince & Princess Academy”

Ghana’s fishing industry, the exploitation of the Global South’s natural resources and the responsibility of consumers in the Global North

Ghana’s fishing industry is risking collapse. As of 2016, the Ghanaian fishing industry made up 5% of its total GDP. Needless to say, a collapse of the industry could be catastrophic to one of the strongest economies in West Africa. A report based on investigations by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) in partnership with GhanaianContinue reading “Ghana’s fishing industry, the exploitation of the Global South’s natural resources and the responsibility of consumers in the Global North”

What is the point of UppFutures?

“The aim of a charity should always be to reach a point where we are not needed anymore”- Matt Webb, Founder of UppFutures This is what UppFutures is all about. We work together with the local economy in Ghana, supporting projects so that these can become self-sufficient, sustainable and durable. At the moment, 100% ofContinue reading “What is the point of UppFutures?”

Fighting Child Slavery Through Ethical Chocolate

It’s estimated that around 2 million children in Ghana and Ivory Coast are involved in dangerous labour processes for the production of cocoa. This problem is particularly rife in agricultural areas of the countries where the number has increased to 44% of children (2019) from 31% in 2009. This is despite the cost of cocoaContinue reading “Fighting Child Slavery Through Ethical Chocolate”